The First Automatic Coffee Maker

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Credit for inventing the first fully automatic 'coffee making' machine goes to George Bunn, who's idea was patented on May 15, 1962. Even though drip coffee systems had been around for decades, George's invention is considered the first fully automatic coffee maker because it was the first machine that only required the user to add just the coffee & paper filter.

Bunn Patent Drawings & Images

Bunn O Matic Patent Drawing

US Patent #3034417 Details

Among the objects of this invention are: To provide for automatically making predetermined amounts of coffee in rapid succession and on a continuous basis; to maintain a supply of hot water on a stand-by basis for use in making coffee; to provide direct communication beĀ­ tween a tank containing the hot water and the atmosphere except when water is being drawn from the tank for coffee making purposes; to spray the hot water over a body of ground coffee located in a funnel by means of a spray head positioned above the funnel; to collect the coffee in a beaker below the funnel; to start a coffee making cycle by placing an empty beaker underneath the funnel; to stop the coffee making cycle when a predetermined quantity of coffee has flowed into the beaker..Bunn-O-Matic Full Patent.

George Regan Bunn Biography

At Princeton he was a member of Cap and Gown Club. During WWII, he served with the Marine Corps on Peleliu in the South Pacific. Following the war, he joined Bunn Capitol Corp., where he served as chairman.

In 1957 he later founded and served as chairman of Bunn-O-Matic Corp, who perfected the fluted commercial paper coffee filter. Bunn-O-Matic claims credit for many firsts in the beverage industry, including the first commercial paper coffee filter in 1957, the first office coffee brewer in 1968, the first commercial brewer with water level control in 1975 and the first complete coffee management system 1992.

The family is careful to describe him as the founder and chairman of Bunn-O-Matic, rather than as an inventor. George was active in farming and enjoyed a lifelong involvement with horses. He also served on numerous boards over the years and supported many charitable organizations.

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